Sunday, 23 December 2012


A lark in the sky
A harp in my heart
Soared to heights
In pursuit of  freedom

A hawk caught the lark;
A stroke crushed the harp;
The tattered hearts,
Were tossed to the woods.

The soul of that lark,
Caught hold of my torso;
Urging me to fly high,
With my wingless body…

   ( till here by me.. the rest by GR)

    A breeze from the heaven
                                        Srength and vigour unto us given
                                        The lark in the sky again
                                        From the harp , a song sweet , tune divine.
                                        The moon in smiles
                                        The stars in silence
                                        The winds and waves stand still
                                         As their ears ,with the music , full
                                         God too , in a dreamy sleep
                                         Unto the birds His love deep
                                         Path to freedom shown
                                         To be ever in sunshine " 

Saturday, 22 December 2012

We need to change....

It is many months since I have written anything original. Started couple of blogs and discontinued it. Then copy pasted something from my laptop which were written long back. But the gang rape happened in New Delhi is worrying me for days and I need to write something against it...

Assaulting a women sexually is the most heinous attack according to me..It not only scars physically but mentally too. The horror of that day might even make her unable never to have a happy life, if she survives. May God save her...

India need tougher laws to combat  rape. Now the situation is any one can get away after raping or killing women. The case will drag on for years and all that time the perpetrators will be leading normal life on bail. Finally there will be punishment which stretches for couple of years or months.. After that when they come out, the society accepts them with out any qualms.

On the other hand, the victim suffers whole through her life. No one lets her forget the incident though it is no fault of  hers...

We need to change our mentality. I wish the family of those rapists come forward to denounce them. Their mothers, sisters, daughters they need to say that they do not want such men in their life.

I am against capital punishment. Every one is someone's son, daughter, wife, husband and I believe only God has the right to take away life. Wish these men are sent to prison immediately and made to work there their whole life without bail. They should be never sent outside, just let them be there, work there and send money to their family. Some of them may be the only bread winners of their family and it is not fair that the family becomes destitute because of these perverts.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Jerry’s moments…

“I have turned 25 today”. Jerry slowly started. He took her hand in his. Soft hands, even at 45 she hardly has any wrinkles. As usual her hands are perfectly maintained. I should remember to thank the nursing assistant.
He looked at her eyes. She is busy reading the book. Can she understand what she is reading? Or is she reading at all? He slowly said:
“Mom I am planning to get married. She is my colleague and she is Japanese.” He knew that she is broadminded enough to accept any nationality but scrutinized her face for any slight reaction. Nothing..his eyes became misty suddenly. I wish she shows at least some anger.  
He continued slowly ” Her name is Yoko. She  reminds me a lot of you. She is affectionate, she cooks well, paints beautifully and I have not met a kid who can resist her charms. Already she has turned out to be our little Thomas’ girlfriend” Jerry could not help laughing.
She lifted her head and looked into his eyes. He was surprised. He expected to see her smile but that didn’t come. Slowly she turned back to the pages again.
I held her hand softly and continued.
“Jerome is planning to come next week with Rina and our little Thomas. We gave him Papa’s name. He is turning out to be as strong willed as Papa. Whenever he comes on vacation, he is always after Papa and his farm.
What is between Papa and you Mom? We cannot understand. Both of you never talked about it. I know that he never comes to see you but sends flowers, books and all sorts of painting accessories to you regularly. Every day he calls here to ask about you and the nursing assistant and administrator always tell us that there is nothing we need to do since Papa is paying much more than required every month. He visits the hospital, meets the staff and looks at you through the glass door but never comes inside according to the staff here. Why Mama? What happened when I was away for studies?
One vacation, you were the laughing, happy go lucky woman and when I returned after 2 years you have built a fort around you. An impenetrable fort where we do not have any place. I still do not know my decision to move you to hospital were right or wrong. But I could not bear the thought of you falling into pool again like last time, while Papa was with his dogs and hens. How I fought with Papa then. I even accused him that he wanted to marry again but now I realize I was wrong.
I would have taken you with me then but when the Doctor said you need care and attention 24 hours, I thought the best is to get you here where you will get the attention and treatment you deserve. I know it is not easy to live with a man having a strong character like Papa. Grandmother used to tell us how you used to draw and paint before marriage. She has shown us the hoards to certificates and trophies you won for competitions. Grandma always used to blame Papa for taking all those dreams from you. She told me that you never even did a sketch after marriage. I mean until I got you here.
I remember copying one of your poems from your college days and getting first for poetry writing during my final year. I really regretted then not having thought of doing that from the first year itself. Do you remember how much we laughed when I returned with trophy?
I smiled to myself. Did she smile too? I saw her lips moving. Or was that my delusion?
Mama.. once I get married I want to take you home. Yoko will come to visit you next week. We have already discussed this before. She is leaving her job because she feels taking care of family is more important. She can do some consultancy from home. I am earning more than enough to live comfortably and Yoko is a very simple girl.
I want to return at least a little of the love and care you bestowed on me. I still  remember how you used to cuddle me when I knock at your bedroom in the middle of night seeing scary dreams. The warmth of your soft chest. Do you remember until I was in grade 4, I wanted to put my hand on ur chest to sleep. Each year I used to tell you that I will stop next year. Finally when I reached grade 4 you told me lovingly that it is time to change the habit. We started by keeping my hand on your belly and slowly you changed that to hugging your waist and finally I started sleeping in Jerome’s room…..
“Sorry Sir, I think you are disturbing Ms. Thomas”. I saw the nursing asst. looking at me with concern. I looked at Mama.. I was lost in my world and didn’t see that she has closed the book and is lying on the pillow with eyes closed.
I wiped of my tears with embarrassment. What is it makes me so emotional whenever I visit her.
Sorry sister. I am leaving. Slowly I left her hand carefully on the bed, straightened her legs and covered her with blanket. With one more look around the room and the beautiful paintings she has done, I walked out of the room leaving the sister there.
I wanted to take one painting with me. Once when I asked them permission to take one, the staff said that it will make her violent. One of the temporary assistants tried to remove one painting once and Mom screamed and got herself sick until, the assistant returned it. The doctor did it again to test her and the result was same. Even her Doctor is at a loss to explain what problem is. Is it Alzheimer’s disease ?  If so how is she so good at keeping tab of her paintings and books? That is the only thing she cares now.
Lost in thoughts I didn’t see Leo emerging from the lift.
“Hi Jerry? When did you come back? “
“Oh Leo, nice to see you. I came today. The first stop is Mom and going to see Papa now. She is sleeping Leo. Your timing is little off”.
“Itz okay with me son. I will sit with her for sometime before I go for the next meeting.”
“We need to meet soon Leo. There is a lot of catching up to do. And of course I have news for you too..”
“Leo laughed. Sure man. Will call you tonight.”
We  hugged each other and I stepped into the waiting lift. Here goes one of Mama’s friends whose undying devotion is a mystery to me like Papa’s behavior. Leo had been there for me many a times. Every time I had an argument with Papa I turned to Leo for help. As he is good with his business he is good in problem solving too. When I went to Japan as part of my job, it is Leo’s business connections which helped me to make a base there. Many a times I have wondered is there anything more to Mama’s and Leo’s friendship.
The lift has reached Ground floor and I walked towards the waiting taxi.

Quotes And Saying : Heart Touching Love Story.... Must Read.

Quotes And Saying : Heart Touching Love Story.... Must Read.: it had been raining for more than a week, so much rain it made everyday seemed so restless and gloomy. She called and said she was coming u...

My cross...

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Top of Form
Bottom of Form
Some crosses are to be carried alone
Cannot share nor I could tell you
It weighs my shoulders and heart down
Squeezes my heart leaving me gasping for air…
And I feel am going insane or to die
You might ask why can’t I leave that and move forward
That too I am unable to do..
This has become part of my life
And I cannot live without this sometimes sweet , sometimes bitter weight
In a curious way I am in love with my cross
I just wish it doesn’t weighs me down so much
That I wish I have had a black out due to pain….

Rain kisses

When the first drop fell on my face
It took a couple of decades from me
I closed my eyes and smiled to myself
Not caring that my designer suite is drenched

The first rain which caught us together
Amid the deserted paddy field
We ran with all might to beat the rain
Alas! The rain caught up with us!

First on the hand which covered our head
Then it fell on our shoulders and back
We stopped running and I turned to her
She stood there looking at my eyes

I closed my eyes still seeing her clearly
Lifted my face towards the sky
Each drop on my face was a soft kiss
Kisses which made me calm and hot

Cannot remember how long we stood there
Her soft touch brought me back to reality
I saw the most beautiful smile on her
I bent my head and kissed her forehead
The fury of rain drops had subdued to drizzling
We slowly walked back hand in hand
That first rain made me see my soul mate
I wowed, I will keep her always near me

In the mad race to conquer heights
We took different roads and drifted apart
Unexpected rains which catch up with me
Always reminds me of that first kiss.

Wish I know where she is now,
Hope and pray that she is happy always;
Each rain drop makes me wonder
Would the rain bring to her my love too? 

By S (#5)