Friday, 18 January 2013

Verse # 30 Lovers Gift - Tagore

The below is from Verse 30, Lovers gift by Tagore. It seems Tagore wrote this when he was bereaving the death of his beloved...

         Translation by Tagore

                            "'  The spring of flowers breakout like the passionate pain of unspkoen love. With their breath comes the memory of my old day songs. My heart , of a sudden , has put on green leaves of desire .My love came not but her touch is in my limbs , and her voice comes across the fragrant fields . Her gaze is in the sad depth of the sky , but where are her eyes ? Her kisses flit in the air , but where are her lips ?  ""

          Now GR's translation of the above

                                   My songs old and sweet
                                   That into her ears once I did tweet
                                    At such a time of the year
                                    When faded away traces of winter
                                    And descended on earth the Eden - a bit
                                    It was spring , the lover's delight.

                                    The voice of Nature  loud and clear
                                    I love to hear
                                    As the spring is here , in all its splendor
                                    The songs of birds fill the air
                                    The sun slips through the mist
                                    To seek and be in her midst.

                                     To kiss and sweeten her feet
                                      Fragrant flowers breakout
                                      Kindle they in my heart a pain
                                      The words of love not spoken
                                      Though it was my heart's desire
                                       Where now burns a fire.

                                      Grass and leaves , green and fresh
                                      In my heart , thoughts of days old spring afresh
                                      From across the fragrant fields
                                      Floats unto me her voice in floods
                                      Her touch on my limbs still warm
                                      Though to me ' ll she never come.

                                       The infinite sky sad and sullen
                                       In its depth her gaze seen
                                       But where hath gone her sparkling eyes?
                                       In the air flit her kisses
                                       But where hath gone her cherry lips ? ""

Monday, 14 January 2013

Why are we protecting Criminals…?

Why is our justice system allowing the criminals to cover their face while being photographed? 

Today in the news paper I saw the photograph of all six rapists with their face covered. It really made me seethe with rage. They are not victims to have their identity protected. They have participated in a most brutal act and our legal system is bestowing favours on them by allowing them to cover their head  while in public. It is this protection rapists enjoys prompt others to commit such crimes again and again.

It is high time that we change our legal system. The minor of the lot who committed the most heinous acts will face only 3 years in jail. Shame on all of us… 
Some people say they molest women because their dress was provocative. If that was the case what do we say of all the male gynecologists? 99.5 % of them are not rapists....

So indecent dressing is just an excuse to shift the responsibility of the crime.  A good man, if he sees a woman naked, will not behave indecently. He will give his shirt or coat to cover her nakedness.

The lawyer of the defendants said that women should not be out of home at night. In what century does he live. Will he say the same if his daughter or mother or wife was attacked? 

I read the interview of Jyothi’s mother today and she wants all the rapists hanged. I echo her sentiment, let all the rapists be hanged or electrocuted… We don’t want such men in India…There are so many loving, caring and understanding men in our country. So we can very well live without a few brutes like Jyothi’s rapists or the rapists of the Punjabi girl whose news came in today’s paper. Such men are a malice and disgrace to our society…

Let Government make capital punishment a norm for brutal crimes..whether it is rape or political murders. If anyone knows of any organization fighting for this please send me the link, I would like to join and support them…
For an India where Human beings live and not just animals….

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Lover's Delight

" The dews are still on
As the sun wakes up in the horizon
In the early morn-misty dawn
From their hives , the bees gone
Unto the fragrant flowers
Flowers of unseen trails
What draws them together
And what prompts this desire?

What says the song
That their eager wings sing?
An answer to the music they hear
That hidden in the soul of the flower?
How the bees seek and find their way
Where the fountain unto ecstasy lay ?
Deep in the bosom , the honey hidden
For the bee to suck , merrily given "

The above verse by a friend. He read the English translation ( prose form) of a Tagore’s Bengali poem and made poetry out of it in a beautiful way…  

The above lines can be spiritual too like many of other Tagor’s work. I don’t know what the great Master had in mind. What do you think friends ?