Friday, 31 May 2013

Can an error correct another error...?

That is what I am trying to do ...

Sunday, 5 May 2013


I gave him a Mirror
Clean, bright, shining
I could see my face and bright eyes
My smile reflecting on its surface

He splashed black all over it
Greased it with bright blood
Smeared ash of innocence over that
Then slashed bright orange and green dreams

The spectators oohed and awed
What a marvelous piece of art?
We have not seen anything so spectacular
For how much we could have this please?

His triumphant smile told me
 “See, a piece of glass minting money”
My heart screamed silently at him
“But I could no longer see me on it…”
GR, your wife sure was a most fortunate lady ...

With you for ever , I am here
Why shed tear , tell me dear.
From up above , I 'll take care
No more 've thee any fear
From the path we preferred , never ye waver
Unto ye nothing 'll be a scare.
Said ye yes to what said my heart
When a path together we sought.
To serve and love each other
Always our ardent desire.
What you say , I listen
Fear ye 'll have none
For thou art mine
For ever , for ever mine.