Friday, 7 August 2015

Rain kisses
When the first drop fell on my face
It took a couple of decades from me
I closed my eyes and smiled to myself
Not caring that my designer suite is drenched

The first rain which caught us together
Amid the deserted paddy field
We ran with all might to beat the rain
Alas! The rain caught up with us!

First on the hand which covered our head
Then it fell on our shoulders and back
We stopped running and I turned to her
She stood there looking at my eyes

I closed my eyes still seeing her clearly
Lifted my face towards the sky
Each drop on my face was a soft kiss
Kisses which made me calm and hot

Cannot remember how long we stood there
Her soft touch brought me back to reality
I saw the most beautiful smile on her
I bent my head and kissed her forehead
The fury of rain drops had subdued to drizzling
We slowly walked back hand in hand
That first rain made me see my soul mate
I wowed, I will keep her always near me

In the mad race to conquer heights
We took different roads and drifted apart
Unexpected rains which catch up with me
Always reminds me of that first kiss.

Wish I know where she is now,
Hope and pray that she is happy always;
Each rain drop makes me wonder
Would the rain bring to her my love too?
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